GK Letting have employed professional letting agents to assist you in locating the perfect property to suite your personal requirements. As letting is our core focus we have invested in an administration and support operation to provide you with top quality service. All properties are inspected and professionally cleaned prior to us handing over the property for your occupation. We have a substantial number of properties under management and are notified two months in advance of any vacancies. Therefore we are able to notify you in advance of any properties that may suite your needs, in order for you to provide the required notice under your existing lease arrangements. Should you wish to upgrade to a larger property after your lease expiry, you will not be charged any lease fees as you are an existing customer. So you are rewarded by staying within the GK stable. We understand that you have made a substantial monthly commitment in the form of lease payments, and will always ensure that you receive the services that you have paid for.

Find it first...

Tell us about your ideal property and we will send you a Property Email Alert as soon as it’s listed on our system.



We collect all utility consumption charges from you on a monthly basis. Ie. Water, electricity, refuse and sewerage charges. We provide you with a monthly sms detailing the charges to be collected and we can also provide you with a copy of the monthly utility bill upon request.


We ensure that you receive accurate information on your lease arrangements, we have implemented systems that deliver the following:

  • All rental payments are collected by debit order.
  • A monthly statement is emailed to you detailing all charges.
  • All our records are backed up daily to ensure no loss of data.
  • All documents are scanned to your electronic file and can be emailed to you on request.
  • A sms is sent monthly detailing your debit order deductions.